Driffill P2P Project – Oxnard School District


The Oxnard School District awarded a $17,000,000 construction contract to Soltek Pacific Construction (SPC) for the Driffill School Portable-to-Permanent (P2P) Modernization Project in June of 2012. The project consisted of the construction of a new 62,862 square foot teaching facility (comprised of 33 classrooms, a library, and an administrative area) and various site improvements (seat-wall gardens, a new campus entrance, etc.).  EUR Consulting & Development, Inc. (EUR) was brought in on an emergency contract when the original Architect of Record, was released from service as the Project Construction Manager (CM). EUR was later granted a contract for full project CM services, coinciding with the architect being dismissed from the project and the new Project Architect was hired.  EUR insured throughout these transitions that the project continued seamlessly, and that the new Architect had a level project support such to ensure a most efficient and effective project delivery for the District.

When originally hired, the project was stalled and the District was facing an extreme cost extra.  EUR successfully mitigated and managed the situation, leading to an amicable resolution and saving the District a substantial amount of money. In late November, EUR was advised that major changes to the project phase 3 scope had to be implemented in order to meet recently discovered additional capacity needs at this site, and to optimally ensure future funding support for the ultimately needed increased permanent building capacity. EUR set out and successfully lead a site wide design build effort to salvage the on-site District owned modular classrooms, and to reconfigure and re-feed all necessary utilities to the same to allow immediate / on-going occupancy of said classrooms. Included in this redesign was the elimination of an otherwise inefficient, and program risky, bio-swale that in the original design bisected the playground and ball field. Also in November, EUR was asked to manage the construction of a new Kindergarten facility.  EUR was able to successfully add the demolition of the existing facility to the scope of the P2P Project in order to save the District time and money.  Through our actions, EUR successfully managed the contractor, such to ensure that the Contractor could not posture or claim delays, resulting in a total project cost a mere 2.13% over the original low bid (including the added demolition for a future project).  The Notice of Completion and Final DSA Certification were both attained in 2014.


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Project details
  • Client: Oxnard School District (OSD)
  • Date: August 2012 - October 2014