Emergency Response & Long Term Recovery

Are your staff/employees properly prepared and trained in what to do in the event of a disaster?

FEMA regulations are very strict on the oversight and accountability of expenditures related to in-house staff use and equipment / material procurement.  To have effective controls and avoid dis-allowances, it is recommended to develop FEMA compliant protocols for in-house personnel to respond to a disaster, program / project controls, and procurement guidelines for equipment and materials.

Another aspect to consider is the hiring of consultants to aid in the recovery efforts.  Immediately after a major disaster, the ability to hire consultants becomes a big problem as demand for their services is extremely high and prices rise accordingly.  EUR can help our clients preemptively enter into agreements with key consultants, contractors, temporary facility providers, and vendors / suppliers.

EUR can also help your organization develop a Debris Management Plan (DMP) to serve as guidelines for the collection and disposal of debris following a disaster.  The DMP will designate locations for disposal and will help staff manage the intake of debris.

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