Structural and Infrastructure Concerns

Structural Issues: Is information available immediately after the earthquake?  Are buildings safe to enter or occupy?

One of the biggest questions that comes up after a disaster is whether a building is safe to occupy or even enter into.  More often than not, occupants will have no idea where to look for or how to assess the severity of damage to a structure.  Information / documentation for a facility may not be readily available or fully complete.  This lack of reliable information could delay damage assessment and recovery for substantial periods of time.

EUR can develop a standard damage assessment template for use at a major and/or important building identified as a “Key and/or Essential Facility.” The template includes a methodology for initial structural damage assessment, as well as a summary of key inspection points to aid in the Finding of Dangerous Conditions (Red, Yellow or Green Inspection Cards).  The template is designed to ease and expedite the process of assessing damage and determining the usability of a facility.

EUR will also develop a facility mobilization plan in the event that your organization would need to operate and provide services in a temporary mode/manner.  The plan would provide a layout for temporary trailers, domes, etc. and temporary utility connections.

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