In 2011 EUR Consulting & Development (EUR) was prevented from competing for a Chilean government contract to design seismically resistant structures by the Chilean Ministry of Health. Their basis for the denial was that EUR did not have any prior experience designing said structures within Chile. Under the terms of the U.S–Chile Fair Trade Agreement (FTA), U.S. based companies should be treated the same as a Chilean Company when competing for Government contracts, regardless of whether the U.S. based company has any experience in Chile. EUR has a substantial amount of experience designing said structures throughout the world that should have been taken into account by the Chilean Government, and thus believed we were being unfairly barred from competing for the contract. Thus, the United States Department of Commerce’s International Trade Administration (ITA) was asked to intervene on EUR’s behalf. The ITA agreed that, in accordance with the FTA, we were unfairly prevented from participating, so they contacted the Chilean Government’s accountability office. The accountability office conducted an investigation and determined that the Chilean Ministry of Health was wrong to exclude EUR. This finding helps set a positive precedent for companies from the U.S., allowing them to have a fair chance when competing for contracts in Chile.

“Not too many people understand the benefits that free-trade agreements provide to US Corporations while doing business abroad — having the US Government and the Department of Commerce’s ITA on your side truly helps to level the field.”
– Eloy U. Retamal, President, EUR Consulting and Development, Inc.