Emergency Preparedness & FEMA Claim Management

EUR Consulting & Development, Inc. (EUR) specializes in Disaster & Emergency Preparedness Planning, FEMA Claims Assessment, processing & coordination, and disaster recovery.  Our goal is to get our clients’ organization operational as quickly and efficiently as possible while assisting in the assessment, repair, and long-term disaster recovery efforts.

A magnitude 6.7 earthquake hit Los Angeles on January 17, 1994. No one was prepared for, nor could they have successfully predicted, the extent of the devastation, confusion, anxiety and complete pandemonium that lay in the paths of so many people and organizations in the weeks following the event. Billions of dollars were required to repair, restore, and prepare for the next earthquake or natural disaster. It has been stated that, prior to the Katrina disaster, the Northridge earthquake marked the most costly disaster in the history of the United States.

Earthquakes and other natural and man-made disasters are part of our lives and mitigation and preparedness will be the key to saving lives and preventing economic losses for the next one, or the “Big One”, and those which will most certainly follow. EUR’s knowledge, experience, past success, and crafted emergency preparedness procedures for Disaster Readiness and Hazard Mitigation could prove to save lives and perhaps billions in future financial exposures to Public and Private Agencies throughout California.

EUR has developed an innovative approach to hazard mitigation and preventive measures to reduce the loss of lives, property damage and to aid in post-disaster financial needs.  EUR’s approach can help insure that our clients are prepared in advance to deal with all the necessary assessments, documentation and reports required to submit to both FEMA and CalEMA.  We will also aid in the training of key staff members to prepare them to handle all the administrative, financial, and technical requirements associated with a major disaster.  This proactive approach will provide the advantage of not having to learn the complex challenges of facility and infrastructure damage assessment and rehabilitation, while at the same time learning the procedural steps of the FEMA funding/ claims process and accountability requirements after a major disaster.

The experience that EUR’s team offers spans the many disciplines necessary to achieve the goals and objectives of our proposed services.  Our team has experience in engineering disciplines (structural, civil, MEP, etc.) cost controls, program/project management, and FEMA recovery and funding experience.  This set of skills and experiences were forged for working on the California State University, Northridge after they experienced the largest disaster for an American University (i.e. 10 years of recovery, 110 buildings either repaired or rebuilt) totaling over a $1 Billion in today’s dollars.  The University decided to implement a preparedness plan, similar to that which we would create for your organization, in order to be better prepared in the event of a future major disaster.

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